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We powder coat all of our kiosks and surrounds which is environmentally safe and does not involve the use of harmful or corrosive chemicals
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       Our dual library book return is great for those high traffic areas and holds double that of most book return drop boxes. You can use one of the receptacles as a media return for CDs and DVDs and the other as a book return.

       Like our other library returns,'s dual book returns are constructed from high quality aluminum and stainless steel which makes them rust proof. They can be used indoor and outdoor and with over 300 colors to choose from, you can also get them in any color you would like.

       Our patented products are constructed to look completely different than any other book return box available to date. The one pictured above can be wrapped in a high resolution, printed, graphics wrap to give it a rich, authentic look and feel. You can make it look like any type of books you would like, children's books, encyclopedia volumes, medical text books, law books, etc.

       We can design and customize book receptacles for your locations that match your colors and branding.

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